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Why casual sex is always in male’s mind?


Why casual sex is always in male’s mind?

So the legend says that casual sex, half night stand, one night stand, “get out”, say it as you want, it was, is and will be a male sport, as you and your friends are looking for more than escorts girls out there the passion of one night.

The legend also says that men love casual sex more than women, because of the testosterone, which “shakes” their impulses to the heights.

A new scientific theory is now coming to overturn everything you used to believe about casual sex and throw in the trash the candy “It’s not my fault, but my dishonourable testosterone”.

As Cordelia, an Athens escort, points out, typical male behaviour – enjoying one-night stands, not hesitating to take risks, blah blah blah – has more to do with how a man has grown and socialized rather than with its biology. For example, research showed that the majority of men preferred to end up, after a night out, with an unknown woman, rather than with someone they know.

“Essentially, men take more risks than women in all aspects of their lives, personal and professional. Specifically in sex, the female sex tends not to risk being with a stranger in bed, as it fears the possibility of rape, robbery and even murder.

In an ideal world, casual sex would be a low-risk act for both sexes. And “your best friend” would be a little happier. You too and you do not get bored.

What exactly is a half-night stand?

Technology has taken its toll and the rules in casual sex are no longer the same.

In the not so distant past, everyone was talking about the one-night stand. Sex after a frantic night, where you ended up in bed with a stranger you met at the bar and in the morning you woke up with her in your arms, without even remembering her name. For the last year or so, though, everyone has been talking about the half-night stand. The scenario is more or less the same, only in the end instead of sleeping with her, you wake up alone in the morning, because that’s how you like it and you have agreed on that. Spray, wipe, finish outside the door.

So, the half-one-night stand is gaining ground in erotic roulette, with fans of the genre, who other than the much-discussed millennials. Today’s young people, aged between 16 and 36, who were born between 1980 and 2000, are addicted to the internet and their smartphone and treat sex somewhat like this: “Sex is something like the water you drink every morning when you wake up. Something relaxed and everyday “, says Maya, who declares herself a fan of the half-night stand.

In this case the water in the glass for millennials is Tinder. The popular application dating, which started in 2012 and today counts millions of users, mainly singles, but not only, who are not looking for the majority of the love of their life, but the one who will sexually relax them for a few hours.
But what effect can a fleeting intercourse like this have on the two sex partners?

“Some one-night stands never hurt anyone. “On the contrary, when both parties are aware of how things are going, they can work to boost your self-esteem,” said British sexologist and relationship counselor Annabelle Knight. can get out of this situation. This is because replacing everything real with a series of brief sexual encounters may satisfy your body, but not your spirit. ”

And while one would expect that this fashion of mutual agreement for fast, raw sex, without emotions and commitments would give more impetus to further gender equality, it probably ultimately works the other way around. According to Knight, “stereotypes and casual sex are like icing on the cake. “One needs the other to tie the knot.” As she points out: “Half-night stands can be disastrous, as they provoke the view that it is magic for men to seek only sex and nothing else, but it is critical for Greek escorts to have this behaviour, especially when it is singles ».

And if after all this, you wonder how we got to the point where the half-night stand is in so much demand, both between men and women, one word is enough to clear things up in your mind: Technology. Or rather two: Technology and social media. And somewhere here, the romance ends. Intimacy sees the exit door and urgency, the “here and now”, welcomes you. And you smile at her excitedly, fishing online for your next partner in bed.

How to increase your chances for a one night stand?

If you feel that Facebook does not respond to new acquaintances and that Tinder is too “measured” for your tastes, time to give a chance to the ultimate “casual” dating site. At GDE, you do not need any clever tricks or measured conversations to not reveal your intentions and expose yourself. All users of the site have the same goal as you: one or one partner to have a good night. Or many nights, if the first one really goes so well.

GDE was voted the best dating site of the year last year and aims to save you time from endless searches for the perfect call girl, making online flirting easy and fast. Because, sometimes, lonely nights are useless.

The first thing you need to do is create your profile on the page (for free). Then edit it by adding as much information and details as you want. The whole process proceeds with questions asked to you by GDE itself (s.s .: 22 questions for accuracy) and to which you answer selectively. When you are done with this phase, you will proceed to 10 more questions, for more “open-minded”, with the website asking you up to what breast size you prefer in women.

This is a crucial point: you may not want to reveal too much about your tastes, but the more “up-to-date” your profile is, the more requests you will receive from people who have the same reasoning in bed. That is, you are invited to like photos of other users (they do the same for yours) and if you end up that you like a large number of images of the same user, the site brings you in contact. It goes without saying that the match is based on the place of residence you have stated – the site makes sure to suggest users as close as possible to your location.

Users can like other users’ pages, send them personal messages, or send them invitations to personal photo albums. The latter is a very important function of the site. In GDE you define what you want each user to see. So, if something does not fit you well in a new acquaintance, you can choose not to “see” enough information about you. It is something that you adjust yourself from the personal menu of your choices.

GDE is for desktop and mobile use. In addition to the basic parameters it offers to find your overnight partner, there are more detailed searches. But is it worth it?

Yes, because GDE does what most dating sites want: it puts you straight into the grill, without having to go into 10 different apps on your mobile to find partners who share your relaxation and are just looking for a one night stand, without too much.

In any case, a test will convince you. And pay attention to the photos you share…

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6 fashion trends of spring 2020


6 fashion trends of spring 2020

Spring is already here and we know you are dying to learn more about spring 2020 fashion trends. We have prepared a list of outfits that will for sure make a difference during the spring and summer of 2020. Don’t worry, you probably already have a lot of these garments in your wardrobe, as many pieces are a “fashion comeback”.

Generally speaking, this year’s spring trends include some classic looks, as well as some looks that are a little bit more edgy. Furthermore, most of these trends are not targeting a specific body type, as they can compliment every kind of body, from skinny to curvy. But let’s get into the trends, shall we?

  1. Suede

This spring, you can bring back any kind of suede clothing you own. It could be a jacket, a shirt, a skirt, even a maxi dress. An if they have fringe? That’s even better! Pair them with denim fabrics, woven belts and cowboy boots, and you are going to be in the centre of attention.

  1. Suits

Suits were never out of fashion. Some people may consider them to be conservative, but they are wrong. Try some colourful suits and don’t hesitate to wear bold colours. A fuchsia, yellow or bright green suit, will definitely change your mood and bring light  to your days and evenings.

  1. 70’s vibes

The 70’s are ruling in this year’s spring collections. Bright colours, bold yellows and blues, as well as shirts with collars, are back in. Don’t hesitate to show the collar of your shirt or even the puffy shoulders and sleeves. Borrow your mum’s old clothes and you won’t even have to go shopping.

  1. Slip dresses

The simple yet elegant slip dress, is a piece that should be in every woman’s closet. Plain or with lace trims, satin or cotton fabrics and colours are the most fashionable accessories. Layer them with skirts or a pullover and you have a piece of clothing, suitable for all year round.

  1. Tropical prints

What could have given us more 70’s vibes than tropical prints? With palm leaves and animals, long light dresses and button up shirts are what you need for spring 2020.

  1. Business but casual

Last but not least, the business casual look. Pair an office look, either a suit or a button up shirt and a midi skirt with some sneakers r sandals! You can even find bermuda pants worn with jackets this spring.

Don’t be afraid to try some of spring 2020 fashion trends as they are not extravagant. On the contrary, most of them are old fashioned pieces but this time with a twist. Also, don’t forget that spring is all about colours, so get rid of the black pieces for this season!

Technology and SEO in coronavirus


Technology and SEO in tough times

Technology is put to work when people are facing tough times. The same thing has happened during the past months, as technology helps in the battle against the coronavirus. The evolution of technology and internet has reached a level during which it can contribute by aiding the businesses, researchers, innovators and investors in developing new techniques and keep their businesses open.

Technology has helped through man different forms, from 3D printers which are used in order to print ventilators and other medical equipment pieces, to machines who are “employed” to find the possible treatments for the patients who have been hit by the virus. But there is another way that technology  and SEO can contribute to the maintenance of the levels of economy.

What is SEO?

The use of internet has also been a true lifeline in these past few months. SEO companies are distance-working companies, who can boost the performance of websites in all over the world. By using analytics, social media,  changing your website’s content and using the correct keywords in the right consistency, SEO can transform your website and keep it working even at the toughest times.

How can SEO help your business?

SEO companies will take the time to get to know your website’s content, and by researching what most people are looking for in the internet, they will transform your website. In addition, their main goal is going to be your webpage’s optimization, which will bring your website at the top results of search engines. By doing so, they attract more traffic to your site, allowing you to work more and have more profit.

SEO services, are actually allowing your business not to stop working or shut down completely, even at the toughest times. This way, even if people will not be able to go out, that won’t be a problem for you. As far as your business webpage is optimized and can be found in the first pages of Google results, you are going your sales are going to be successful .

Furthermore, each business owner can create an e-shop and by using SEO services, he can keep it alive at any time. When his website is going to be at the first search engine results, that means he can still do business, even at tough times like the ones we are going trough right now.

The use of technology has made not only our everyday lives better, but it can be the reason why the economy will survive a global pandemic. SEO companies can prevent the decline in economy, simply by offering their services to more businesses out there.

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